Dreams of Gold

Dreams of Gold

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In this place, the dreamer sleeps, but in sleep, the dreamer lives. Impossibility is non-existent and every sleepy sigh floats you higher into a heavenly cloud indulged in the delicate sweetness of tranquility. With aromas of golden honey and hints of a lavender vanilla swirl--dreams of gold exists here.


    This honey, lavender and vanilla scented soy candle is so sweet and mouthwatering. It was inspired by a place we've all been to, our dreams. Have you ever had a sleep so sound and deep that it carried that melting relaxation into your dreams? Dreams of Gold inspires a sleep so sweet and heavenly.


    Candles are in a 9 oz ghost white container
    Made with 100% vegan soy wax
    Single Braided Cotton Wick
    Handcrafted fragrances