Self Care Is Important

Updated: May 14

Long before self care became was a new trendy buzzword, I was practicing it quite regularly. I can remember years back in college when I'd come home from long day of classes and studies, my favorite thing to do was light a candle and play some music. Self care wasn't just for the home life though, it also started to be a way to make myself feel good or special. Soon self care was buying a beautifully scented perfume or taking some time to meditate.

Self care was not singular and it wasn't a thing that I scheduled time for back then. These days it may take a little bit of penciling in just to get some me time, but that's ok. The point is that looking back, it has always had a place in my own daily experience.

So now that I have my own candle collection, self care seems to be something that followed me even into creating a business. Lifestyle is more than just another trend, it truly is the way you live your life and how you spend those moments that are just for you.

I have always loved treating myself to luxurious bubble baths whenever I get the opportunity. And yes I make it luxurious because why not? And of course I'll have a few of my very own candles lit as well.

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