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The story of this travel inspired home fragrance business began in early 2015. Sparked from a vision of wanderlust and reminiscence of past travels. The serendipitous encounters, the fleeting moments, the lingering memories; all of these experiences that are often tied to a place, a moment, and to scent. Jipsē Co was born.

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What started as a creative way to create a memento, became a form of story telling and self-care. The link between sense of smell and memory was such a strong one that all I had to do was close my eyes to be transported to another time and place. And I found myself doing that…often.

For instance, I could envision myself a summer night in Mykonos by the water and smell the ozonic air of the ocean. I could remember the smell of the warm breeze that seemed to have carried a subtle sweetness that for me translated to amber and also cloves. And that became one scent story.

After making several other scent stories and tester candles for family, I realized I was working on collections of stories. It was a combination of my love of home decor, my appreciation for nostalgia and most importantly experiencing that moment of self-care that really made me want to share that.

I’m very much a supporter of self-care wherever you can get it and sometimes the act of lighting a candle is enough to set the tone. I felt like at that point I had something that was specific to me and what I could offer in a home fragrance.



When you light one of our candles you can ensure a clean burn every time. Our home decor aesthetic is minimal beauty and ingredients include 100% NON-GMO soy wax and premium fragrance oil that are pthalate-free. Quality is never compromised and each candle is hand-poured in small batches here in sunny California.

At our core we believe that life is made of moments. Jipsē Co represents a brand born from a passion for travel and living life to the fullest. So take a trip with Jipsē Co wherever you go.


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