Introducing Geode Coasters


These gorgeous gleaming white and gold resin based geode coasters make a beautiful gift for any home! Absolutely ideal gift for any any occasion: birthday, Christmas, or even as a housewarming gift! Whether you want to use them as luxurious drink-ware coasters or even a decorative accent as a candle plate, they make a wonderful lux statement. Coaster trays not available at this time.


Each individual coaster is handmade using food safe resin. Geode coaster coloring is achieved using a combination of UV and weather resistant non-toxic water-based pigments. The edges of each geode coaster is hand painted using an acid and lead free, gold metallic finish giving each coaster that lux aesthetic.


All geode coasters are approximately 4 inches in width and 1/4 inch in thickness. Each coaster is exactly the same in shape and coloring. White and gold are the current coloring for the coasters available, but if you have any other color combinations in mind feel free to shoot me a suggestion!


At this time orders placed will be shipped within 5 business days,however if you are in need of faster shipping please be sure to message me!

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