First Post On Jipsē Co Home

Just to give a little back story on my little shop. It all began in early 2015 sparked from a vision of wanderlust and reminiscence of past travels. The serendipitous encounters, the fleeting moments, the lingering memories; all of these experiences often tied to a place, a moment, and to scent.

Pronounced ( Gypsy or JYP-SEE )

Jipsē Co was founded by a desire to create something tangible from those moments. Inspired by real life and a touch of magic, the hope is to spark new scent stories with our unique fragrances.

Candle + Story Making

Each fragrance blend began with a story, pulling memories, fragrant with notes unique to a destination like edelweiss from the Swiss Alps in the Spring or cloves native to the Mediterranean and even embers from a California beach bonfire.

Looking forward to posting some more tips, stories, inspiration! Follow us at