Take A Trip With Jipse Co wherever you go

The story began in early 2015 sparked from a vision of wanderlust and reminiscence of past travels. The serendipitous encounters, the fleeting moments, the lingering memories; all of these experiences often tied to a place, a moment, and to scent.

Jipsē Co was founded by a desire to create something tangible from those moments. Inspired by real life and a touch of magic, the hope is to spark new scent stories with our unique fragrances.

Each fragrance blend began with a story, pulling memories, fragrant with notes unique to a destination like edelweiss from  the Swiss Alps in the Spring or cloves native to the Mediterranean and even embers from a California beach bonfire.


our candles

When you light one of our candles you can ensure a clean burn every time. Our home decor aesthetic is minimal beauty and ingredients include 100% NON-GMO soy wax and premium fragrance oils that are pthalate-free. Quality is never compromised and each candle is hand-poured in small batches here in sunny California.

our mission


At our core we believe that life is made up of moments.  Jipsē Co represents a brand born from a passion of travel and a desire to elevate any moment.  No matter where you are take a trip with Jipsē Co wherever you go.

our story